Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday Games and Bird Art

Today we have had a quiet day. We played our fab new game Alpha Animals that nannan and grandad bought us for Christmas. Its lots of fun and really tests your knowledge of animals, the little wooden counters are really sweet too. I would highly recommend this game as its really good fun and very, very educational!

 Six counters,a zebra, tortoise, leopard, elephant, rhino and a crocodile
 After the game and lunch we got our scrapbooks out and made some collages of birds.

 This is bub's bird and worm picture
 Boo's Kingfisher
 B's chaffinch
And Pippi's Cygnet.
Then we took the dog for a little walk for a breath of fresh air. Maybe it wasn't such a quiet day? I'm shattered anyway. Looking forward to a day out at the park and museum with friends tomorrow :-)

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