Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Making presents and cards for best friends

We were all invited to a friend's birthday bonfire this week. In preparation the girls wanted to make something for their friend. As the girls and their friends are Barbie mad, Cordelia chose to knit an outfit for the fashionista Barbie. Here it is being modelled by none other than 'Glam' Barbie. Its a two piece outfit and she trimmed the skirt with some lace and also crocheted a headband too in matching wool!

 Trying the outfit out!
Piper got a Klutz paper fashions book for her birthday which she absolutely adores (thanks Laura, Wes & Rose!). She made this outfit especially for her friend and glued it to the front of her card. She even made special shoes to match! We had a great time at the party, ate sausages over the bonfire, drank hot chocolate with whipped cream and still had a little time left to play Barbie's :-)

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