Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year from all of us

Well after all the planing, saving and preparation Christmas 2010 has been and gone. We have had a lovely family Christmas, everyone enjoyed their presents, there weren't many tears or tantrums, we ate lots of homemade food and generally just spent some quality family time together playing games and laughing. We made it through December and can start a clean slate in January knowing Christmas has been paid for and not carrying anything over. I read from an excellent blog I follow that they had managed to do this too, good for them :-))A few years ago that would have never happened but thanks to our recycled Christmas we managed it this year and the kids were thrilled with their fab mix of presents. Here are a few phot's from the Christmas period but I have to say I haven't taken all that many because, well because I've been far to busy enjoying myself with my family! Happy New Year to all of you from the Barras School of Excellence xxx
 Father Christmas has!
 Barbie mansion is here!
 Spending time with great grandma's
 Going out for New Years Eve
Teaching great grandad's about micro machines.
See told you there weren't many photo's!! We were all having too much fun. Here's to an equal busy and more fun 2011!!

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