Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Clifton Park Museum

Yesterday we had a trip with friends to Clifton Park Museum. I haven't been in there before and was really surprised how lovely it is, we will definitely be visiting again soon. There are some Roman remains on the grounds too. Cordelia taking a look at the Roman Fort on the computer.

 Ruben and Piper have a go at some architecture.
 Building an arch
 Finding out what kind of mining was done around the local area. This might spin off into a local project as we currently live in an old mining village and I was talking to the children about how my uncle was a coal miner here a couple of days ago.

 Ruben in the Lion's Den where he also spotted some mini beasts for his worksheet

 A big, scary, brown bear
 In the bomb shelter, screaming very loudly! Well it was a re-enactment!
 Ruben finding out what's in the box?
 Looking for different types of trees in the park through the binoculars. In the photo below you can also see the Roman remains.
 Colouring in and making finger puppets
 Bailey and Ruben find the Rhinocerous vase from Ruben's worksheet. Ruben spots the Rhino on top of the vase too.
 After lunch the children really wanted to go to the playground, we have spent many happy days there in the summer, it was freezing though, or I was anyway, the children didn't feel it at all though so we went anyway! Cordelia took my camera and found this fungus on a nearby tree log.
 Above. She thought it looked like cabbage?
 Above. Looks like ballerina tu-tu's
 Above. Little umbrella's
 Above. Animal den
 Above. Little villages because they are all cuddled up together
Above. these look like parasol's, broken one's. Cordelia's words and photographs.
I wish I had taken some photo's of them playing as they were having such a good time but I was being mardy as I was so cold and my hands barely left my pockets. Thank goodness for Beccy who brought hot chocolate and warmed the children all up :-)

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