Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Playing Lego

Lego is such a massive part of our house (as well as Barbie!) Someimes Bailey decides to get out his huge collection of Lego out for everyone to play with. He has been collecting it since he was 6 years old so he has a fair bit. He is really into the Star Wars sets and also likes collecting the minifigures. He is always building different things and has the others hooked on it too. I bought them all their own bag of Lego for Christmas so they don't use Bailey's bricks too often, but its nice when they all play it together

 Piper made a Christmas tree
And also a stable for the Lego horse. I didn't get a picture of what Ruben built because, well he just wasn't still with it long enough!

Making presents and cards for best friends

We were all invited to a friend's birthday bonfire this week. In preparation the girls wanted to make something for their friend. As the girls and their friends are Barbie mad, Cordelia chose to knit an outfit for the fashionista Barbie. Here it is being modelled by none other than 'Glam' Barbie. Its a two piece outfit and she trimmed the skirt with some lace and also crocheted a headband too in matching wool!

 Trying the outfit out!
Piper got a Klutz paper fashions book for her birthday which she absolutely adores (thanks Laura, Wes & Rose!). She made this outfit especially for her friend and glued it to the front of her card. She even made special shoes to match! We had a great time at the party, ate sausages over the bonfire, drank hot chocolate with whipped cream and still had a little time left to play Barbie's :-)

Charity shop finds

We had to pop into the village on market day and managed to catch the charity shop open for the first time! Piper found this lovely book all about the different fairies there are in the world. Piper loves reading, she easily reads between 10-16 books a week. Her reading age is excellent and you can really tell how well read she is when she talks as her use of language at times is so good.
 Ruben found this fab jigsaw which ties in perfectly with our stars and planets project.
 He was very patient and really enjoyed it, he loves jigsaws. I forgot to take a photo when he finished as I was  too busy helping him. We are reading 'The Magician's Nephew' by C.S. Lewis at the moment and he is really enjoying it, he can't wait to start the next book, which is a childhood favourite for me so I'm looking forward to it too:-)
 Cordelia maanaged to buy 4 new books with her pocket money from the charity shop, so here she is making a start. She loves Enid Blyton books and was very excited to find one she didn't already have.Cordelia loves reading too, she is the same as Piper and gets through a pile of books each week, they love going to the library and she was ecstatic to find she had won the Christmas colouring in competition last week! She got a special prize and is now thinking about entering many more competitions! Think she has the winning bug!
As much as I can't wait for Spring to hurry up it has been nice to snuggle up on the sofa and read books together. We have bought a couple of new games too recently-Uno and another game called Set. We love playing board games in front of the fire and drinking hot chocolate (maybe eating a few biscuits too!)


No pictures for this one as its very hard to actually take pictures of the stars with a normal camera. The kids and I really enjoyed a serious on BBC1 at the beginning of the month but only got around to watching it last week, our favourite scientist Dr Brian Cox was presenting a live show for three nights from Cheshire. Some of the footage was really good and we even saw an asteroid fall behind the live presenter who was outside. It really got us so excited about the stars and made us sad not to be in Wales where the skies are so much clearer and it feels like you are standing in a real planetarium. Apparantly you can see Jupiter at the moment even with the naked eye but sadly we had several days of cloud and so couldn't see anything! I was brushing my teeth in our attic bathroom when I looked and saw how clear the sky was. Cordelia has been desperate to look for the area below Orion's Belt where new stars are born which is called the Stella Nebular and even though it was 10.30 at night I went and woke her up to see it. We both stood with the velux window wide open trying to spot it. She was so excited when she saw it, bless her. We spotted the big dipper too and a few more new constellations. She said she thought she had dreamt it when she woke up the next morning. We were spoiled with clear skies for a good few nights afterwards and have managed to spot Jupiter too. Just need it to warm up so we can go camping back to Wales and have a proper look.........

Looking for hidey-holes

The poor dog hasn't had much in the way of walkies recently as its been so cold, so we got wrapped up and took her for a walk locally. It is so deceiving outside, as you have these beautiful blue skies and the kids are all ready to get the paddling pool out only to run outside and back in again saying how cold it is. Always nice to have some fresh air though and blow away the cobwebs

Finding a branch that you can sit on
Looking for hidey holes and animal burrows
Time for a hug
A tree horse for Boo
Could this be a wishing well?
Some fungi spotted that looks like little 'pillows' or so Boo thinks.

Weston Park Museum

Trying to play catch up with my blogging this week!I've been very slack with it so here I am catching up. Last Sunday  we met our friends and had a trip to the Weston Park Museum in town. Its not the biggest of museums but its quite bright and familiar. Sadly, they didn't have the new exhibition room up and ready which was a shame. The kids loved the food exhibition, which doesn't surprise me as they LOVE food! We had a little walk to see the ducks in the park afterwards but it was really, really cold and Bailey had been at his friend's all weekend and it was time to pick him up. Its so strange when one of the children are off doing other things as you get so used to having four! I really missed him so it was lovely to have him back even if he was super tired from all the fun he'd had! Anyway....here are some pics from the museum, we also managed to go into the art classroom where they got to do some extra things.
Bub's hands!

 What it looks like from the other side of the 'magic' wall
 Looking at the leaf carrying ants

 In the art rooms drawing fossils and butterflies

 Making fox finger puppets

 Butterfly masks
 The big scary bear
 Running through the sea

 Hugging a millipede

Doing jigsaws

 Playing with the flap books in the museum
 finished! A jigsaw of an old necklace found in Sheffield
 More jigsaws
 Playing 'shop' at the butchers
'What can I get you madam?' The kids were a little disgruntled as they had to take turns in the shop as it was so busy in the museum. They much prefer going in the week when its quieter and you have it all to yourself!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Clifton Park Museum

Yesterday we had a trip with friends to Clifton Park Museum. I haven't been in there before and was really surprised how lovely it is, we will definitely be visiting again soon. There are some Roman remains on the grounds too. Cordelia taking a look at the Roman Fort on the computer.

 Ruben and Piper have a go at some architecture.
 Building an arch
 Finding out what kind of mining was done around the local area. This might spin off into a local project as we currently live in an old mining village and I was talking to the children about how my uncle was a coal miner here a couple of days ago.

 Ruben in the Lion's Den where he also spotted some mini beasts for his worksheet

 A big, scary, brown bear
 In the bomb shelter, screaming very loudly! Well it was a re-enactment!
 Ruben finding out what's in the box?
 Looking for different types of trees in the park through the binoculars. In the photo below you can also see the Roman remains.
 Colouring in and making finger puppets
 Bailey and Ruben find the Rhinocerous vase from Ruben's worksheet. Ruben spots the Rhino on top of the vase too.
 After lunch the children really wanted to go to the playground, we have spent many happy days there in the summer, it was freezing though, or I was anyway, the children didn't feel it at all though so we went anyway! Cordelia took my camera and found this fungus on a nearby tree log.
 Above. She thought it looked like cabbage?
 Above. Looks like ballerina tu-tu's
 Above. Little umbrella's
 Above. Animal den
 Above. Little villages because they are all cuddled up together
Above. these look like parasol's, broken one's. Cordelia's words and photographs.
I wish I had taken some photo's of them playing as they were having such a good time but I was being mardy as I was so cold and my hands barely left my pockets. Thank goodness for Beccy who brought hot chocolate and warmed the children all up :-)