Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Girl's horse party

On Saturday the girls had a horse riding party, Bailey was at a sleepover with a friend so daddy took Ruben fishing for the afternoon whilst I went to the horse party with the girls. This was Ruben as he set off with his backpack, binoculars, bird book and camping chair. Very excited!

 Cordy loves horse riding and has loved horses since she was very, very tiny so this is her idea of bliss!
 Pippi is quite nervous and hasn't been on a horse in a very long time. But I was so impressed by her confidence on the horse this time around! She had a horse called Sherry.
 Cordelia's horse was called Tilly and I thought she was going to burst with excitement whilst she was on her she was so happy!
 Trotting around the muddy field.

Pippi concentrating very hard around the field. The girls had so much fun that they have talked me into taking them to lessons there! They even enjoyed the mucking out bit too! Sadly, daddy and Ruben didn't catch any fish so there was no trout for tea :-(

Sewing and Hama Beads

 We had a lovely afternoon on Friday after our walk around Creswell. Pippi made some ghostly hama beads and cute pumpkin faces. Cordelia and Ruben wanted to do some sewing, so out came my sewing box and the material cupboard was raided until they decided what they were going to make. Cordelia wanted to make a pink fish with blue stitching and Ruben got his animal books out and wanted to make a snake.
 Very concentrated look
 Threading the needle
 Sewing up the fish
Sewing up his yellow snake. Unfortunately we ran out of time to finish them so will have to put the finished photo's up later!

Creswell Crags

It was a lovely sunny day on Friday so I took the children and dog for a walk around Creswell Crags, they went up and explored, although you can only see the front of the cave because there are locked gates covering the fronts. The cave's really open up inside and lots of items have been found inside them.(you can have cave tours which we will have to do soon!)

 Some of the caves are quite high up
 Reading about the cave and items that were found inside the caves
 Looking deep into the cave
 Found the year Bailey was born.
 Robin Hood's cave. Amber, a bison leg bone, burnt bone and a chopping tool have been found in this cave.
 Back down the steps we go.....
 A shady moment!
 The kids loved the name of this cave. A human skull, 2000 years old, a charred hazelnut shell, butchered horse teeth, hippopotamus teeth and the lower jaw of a rhinoceros have been found in here.The kids also liked the 'pin' cave, named because bones as small as pins were found in there.
 Having a refreshing drink on the new wooden bridge afterwards.
Outside Mother Grundy's Parlour Cave

Friday, 22 October 2010

Making our own fungus

As you may have well noticed our theme at the moment is fungus! Its such an interesting subject and so varied. The girls sat and looked at all the different names of fungus and learnt some important facts about fungus. Such as the most toxic fungi is called Death Cap and just half of the top can kill a human! So after all that fact finding they decided to have a go at inventing their own types of fungi. Cordy's two species were 'The Glare' and 'Mount Sparkle'. Pippi did one species and called hers 'Mglitte Stopper'.

 The girls then decided to do some science and see if they could grow their own fungi, first they thought about how and where they could try and grow some fungi. They decided to use bread and put 3 different slices into 3 different airtight boxes and put them in different spots around the house and garden. They wrote on the whiteboard what equipment they were going to need. Then set about gathering it all.

 This was a handy helpful sheet from our nature detectives pack. They wrote in what kind of temperature, moisture and light conditions they were going to try to grow their fungi.
 And off to work they set!
 Putting water on this slice to see if the moisture will help the fungi grow
 Outside underneath the BBQ for this box
 Under the sink for this box
And in our super warm airing cupboard for this boc. Let the experiment begin! Will post an update soon.....

Fungus Walk at Ulley

We met up with our friends and had a lovely walk around Ulley Reservoir with a fungi expert called Ziggy. Its amazing how many different species there are when you start to look and everyone wanted to know which ones where edible but to be honest its so hard to tell i definitley wouldn't risk it! The ones you can eat look so similar to the one's that can give you kidney damage!

 Cordy was happy to have a feel of the spongy fungi and look at the gills underneath. This was a common garden fungi.
 Some look so perfect!
 Some look like clouds....
 Some were super tiny!
 Some were huddled up
 Some where very flat!
 Bubs was more interested in sticks, sticks, sticks!
 A tiny frog we found near the water's edge!
 Apple picking (they made a delicious apple crumble afterwards!)
The most perfect fairy toad stool we have ever seen (so far!)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

More photo's from Clumber/Wood Fair

 Piper really loved this snake
 Bailey took this photo, it must have taken quite a few hours to create this beautiful sculpture. If I could have bought one I think it would have been this one.
 Seeing how charcoal is made....
 Burning some last bits of energy off in the playground after our 4 mile walk around the lake
The girls squealed with laughter at this! We had such a lovely day with our friends joining us too, autumn is the most beautiful time of year :-)

Clumber in the Autumn

We had a lovely walk around the lake at clumber whilst dad and bubs were still having fun at their beaver sleepover. It inspired us to look for lots of different fungi. Once you stop to look you find all different kinds everywhere!

 Bailey thought this one looked like a microphone
 Like a proper fairy story toadstool, enchanting!
 We managed to stumble across the annual wood fair and Cordy was delighted to find a French work horse who's name was Ouragon (French for Hurricane) apparently you can tell the age of a French horse by the letter of its name. All horses born in that year start with the same letter! Very interesting....

 The girls got chance to have a go on this lathe that makes all sorts of items including spindles for chair legs and staircases.

 Look at all the things he has made! How clever
The wood sculptures where really impressive, Cordy loved this owl