Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Woo Hoo my 100th post!

I can't believe this is my hundredth post, its so exciting! I have enjoyed blogging much more than I originally thought I would and I enjoy reading about all the things we have done. I think its nice for our family and friends to be able to read the blog and see what we are doing too. At the moment we have so much snow that we really aren't doing that much except playing in it.
 James helped the girls build snowmen in the garden on his day off. They love having daddy all to themselves!
 Tallulah just has to get in on the action to of course
 The finished snowmen!
 Even more snow the day after, it just keeps on a coming! Boo was making a very deep snow angel
 Ruben was just throwing himself in the snow like a big bath
 I loved how the snow changed our washing line pegs into big snowball shapes, I just had to take this photo!
 Look how deep the snow on our patio table is!
 Icicles! Piper has spent a lot of time saying how 'colossal' all the icicles on the street are, I feel a new favourite word coming on!
Even the playhouse looks on the verge of caving in under the weight of the snow! Makes everything look so beautiful though and I'm glad the snow has finally cleared from our velux windows because the scenery from our bedroom is just breath taking.

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