Friday, 3 December 2010

Ruben's Birthday Party

So my youngest child has turned 7, very scary and exciting all at the same time. He had a birthday party on Saturday, a few days before his actual big day. We nearly didn't make it there at all because it snowed overnight and our car is really poo in snow!! After lots of what shall we do?? We eventually just finished the cake and set off. This is Ruben's cake, a Gruffalo, which is exactly what he wanted.

The party was held at an indoor play are. For the first hour the kids got to play and run around (which is why there are no photo's because no one was really still enough lol) then we went down the swirly slide and into party food room (Ruben's favourite part-the food!). Some of the adults even had a go down the slide too :-)

 Mmmmmmm food

 Singing Happy Birthday
 The after party disco. Ruben had some fab dance moves going on!
Thank you to all who made it there (several couldn't get there in the snow), Ruben had a fantastic time and loved all the gifts he received from his friends xxx


  1. Wow I missed this post! That gruffulo cake is super! My HB was very impressed too! x

  2. Thanks Lisa. It was a bit stressful to make but turned out well in the end. I was disappointed when I dropped it coming out of the party though, my back didn't enjoy it much either!