Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ruben is 7!!

Ruben turned 7 a week ago, sorry for taking so long with the photo's! He had a fun day with his first ever snow-filled birthday! That shows how rare such bad snow is when it has only happened this once in 7 years. He loved opening his presents, which were mainly lego gifts! We had a lovely sledge walk into the village and since there were no real hills we found a local skate park and came down that in the sledge too which was so much fun!

His hands were moving so fast all the present photo's are a bit blurry

Under a snowy tree, it looked beautiful with all the red berries being covered by the snow
I LOVE this picture of Ruben, it is really a perfect picture
Throwing snowballs at the cameraman/woman
Piper had the job of walking the dog, who goes a bit bonkers in the snow, so not very easy to hold her lead. Poor Piper got pulled down several times!
 Ruben blowing out the candles on his snowman birthday cake
 Bedtime hot chocolates, mmmmm
He had a lovely day, even if he didn't get to see all the people that were meant to come over or get all of his presents because of the weather. I really can't believe my youngest child is now 7, it doesn't seem too long ago when all my children were under 6 years old. I am so proud of them, they are such wonderful children and I feel very, very lucky to have been blessed with them all :-)))

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