Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pottery afternoon

After we had eaten lunch we set about making some creations out of clay. We listened to our instructions and then the children were allowed to pick some photo's of minibeasts for inspiration. After all there weren't many around in such cold conditions! The children were each given a ball of clay on a piece of cloth to roll out.

 Above, Piper chose a huntsman spider
 Cordelia chose a very fancy moth
 Bailey chose a type of beetle and Ruben chose a type of woodlouse
 Beginning the big roll
 A leaf was roll gently over the top of the clay to leave the imprint of the pattern

 It was then lifted off and the children used special clay tools to cut around the leaf shape. This was to be their base for their choice of minibeast.
 Piper always concentrates so hard
 Bailey really enjoyed this challenge and his efforts looked fantastic
 In fact they all did! This is Ruben's
And Piper's.
They all really enjoyed themselves and it was a very good day. We have to wait until after Christmas to be able to pick them all up though as they need to be baked in a kiln. This will heat them up to 1300 degrees! Can't wait to see them.

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