Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Must be December then.....

Every year, withour fail, our tree goes up on the first of December. Even when Ruben was born on the 30th of November the tree was up the day after, much to the surprise of the midwife! Thank goodness I had a home birth so I could be there to supervise James putting up my then 'new' white tree. Its now as old as Ruben but I still LOVE it!
This is the tree in our dining room, usually the kids do this tree and I do the white tree but we all did the decorating together this year which was lovely. It's very easy to do things yourself and obviously much quicker but its very rewarding to let the kids be involved with everything. I'm sure I could get all of the things done much quicker by myself but where would the fun be in that?

 Some of our paper chains on the stairs
 Some more in the dining room
 This year's advent calendar, mummy's favourite-a gingerbread man! James painted it and he used the days from last year which the children had drawn pictures on. It has been lovely as they have remembered which pictures they drew last year. We have a big box of chocolates next to the calendar so everyone gets a chocolate. I'm not sure why this has become their favourite time of day???????
 Pretty snowflakes that we made using tracing paper, a tradition we have done every year since Bailey was little. They look really pretty around the front door and we are making some more for the windows too
 My favourite tree.....Who is that on the top?
 Why Barbie of course! The girls wouldn't have it any other way, we change the Barbie every year and her outfit of course. One must look their best at the top of our tree!
 I love this tea light Santa. It makes pretty tree patterns on the walls at night
Pine cones we collected from Sherwood Pines last year and painted with glitter paint so they 'sparkle' in the light. We are so excited about Christmas and Piper's birthday too, only 9 days to go!

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