Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lathkill Dale

We were very lucky to have a whole day out at Lathkill Dale in the Peak District last week. It was a fantastic day organised by Natural England. The first half of the day was spent walking around the nature reserve. We split into groups and our group had to match coloured stones to different natural objects found around us. The kids did so well with this task and found some great things including brightly coloured berries and pieces of rock.

 The scenery was really pretty
 The children found a little cave in the Limestone rocks
 An even bigger one further down that was  man made for when Lathkill Dale was a mine.
 Looking for inspiration for their own version of some 'Andy Goldsworthy' natural art.
 And the finished versions. They all worked in teams of 4/5

 Above is Bailey's teams efforts. Love the colours
 Piper's teams efforts. Loving the symmetry!
Cordelia and Ruben's team effort. Love the leaves against the mossy background.
Andy Goldsworthy is an artist/naturalist from Britain who works with whatever comes to hand. These could be twigs, leaves, ice etc and then takes 1 photograph of his design. He has some extraordinary photo's and is such a great inspiration. The children worked together so well on this and it was lovely to see their designs at the end. Afterwards they were given some magnifying glasses and bug hunting tools for a minibeast hunt before it was back to the farm classroom for lunch and minibeast inspired pottery. Have to admit though it was extremely cold and Ruben was quite unhappy! Thankfully he (as usual) was distracted with lunch!

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