Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Winter Gardens

The winter gardens in Sheffield are one of our favourite places in town. They boast more than 2,100 square metres of glass and 80 tonnes of steel (what Sheffield is famous for!) and it is also home to more than 2000 plants from around the world. There are 150 species of plant but I think my four would agree that they love the cactus' the best. Ruben is always trying to touch them! This was a fairy display they had with a beautiful steel flower display in the middle of the fountain.

 The kids managed to catch the end of a puppet show!
 Not sure what it was about as we came in a little late but it looked very effective.
 The view above
 Its pretty impressive inside. The children love to walk around the Millennium Galleries which are attached to the Winter Gardens. There are many exhibits and the most recent is 'Restless Times' Art in Britain 1914-1945. Sadly no camera's allowed! But it was worth a visit and the silver bead art was in particular quite astounding, very disappointed I couldn't take a picture! The kids always make a beeline for this (below) its a metal structure which moves when you push a button.

This was the Christmas market in the town centre. It was very bustling and busy and this year Sheffield even has its own outdoor ice rink. It reminded me a little of Edinburgh when we went last year but not quite as grand, still its nice to see Sheffield attracting more visitors and tr

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