Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wild Planet Exhibition Sheffield

On Sunday we had a very much needed trip into town. Last week the kids were really poorly with a bad sickness bug so we spent most of the week huddled on the sofa with quilts,pj's and dvd's. It was not a fun week at all. So come Sunday we were all climbing the walls. Or at least I was!

There were lots of activities going off in town this weekend because it was the annual switching on of lights. First we went for a walk around and came across the Wild Planet exhibition at the bottom of the moor. If anyone hasn't seen it it is definitely worth a visit. The photo's are truly spectacular. The exhibit is from the Natural History Museum in London, which is one of our favourite museum's.

 We loved this one, all the different fish eating algae off the sea turtle!

 Bubs loved the panda photo.
 Piper quietly looked at all of them and read all the details of the photo's. Sometimes the photographer has waited for days to get such a shot, some great patience involved.

There were so many photographs it was difficult to pick a favourite. I had a few myself and wish I had taken more photo's but my camera really can't do them any justice.

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  1. It's such a fab exhibition isn't it? We loved looking at it.