Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What a lovely walk!

Before the madness of Halloween baking hit us we thought we would take a lovely autumnal walk with three of the kids and the dog. As it was half term Bailey spent most of the time with his friends, he's just getting to that age now I suppose....
Bubs and Boo awaiting the horses to eat their carrots! The cute little shetland pony wasn't there which was a shame :-(
 Bubs checking out the local wildlife with his binoculars
 Pippi and Bubs running up and down the mini hills
 Boo and Bubs jumping down the mini hills
 Looking for mini beasts
 Looking for minibeasts or fungus in piles of logs
 A secret pond! For some pretend fishing
 What a lovely day to catch a fish or two
 This was such a lovely find, a whole field of willow which was very, very tall and very, very humbling!

The kids couldn't resist a quick run through it...

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