Monday, 15 November 2010

Lincoln Museum in the afternoon

After some hot chocolate and sandwiches to warm us back up from walking around the castle we walked into the very pretty town to the museum. It has recently been renovated and is very new inside. They had some great items on exhibit though especially the vikings.
 This was an iron age boat found buried under mud in Lincolnshire.
 Above, this was a magical fountain that Cordelia and Ruben just loved.
 Cordelia making mosaics
 Ruben listening to some Latin and Saxon. I am hoping to start some Latin with the children soon.
Cordelia's finished mosaic on the left and Piper's on the right. I think they are just lovely :-)
 Bailey creating a stained glass window pattern.
 Piper lifting the tools that a Roman foot solider would have had to carry for around 20 miles a day! It was ok to lift it for a minute or so but there is no way they could have lifted it for longer.
 In full armour, which was very, very heavy by the way. Its a wonder Cordelia can even hold her head up as the helmet was so heavy
 Piper dressing up in some Greek costumes
 Combs made from Bones!
Walking back up 'Steep Hill' with a sugar mouse to help them up :-))

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  1. i can't believe I missed all of these posts! Enjoyed having a good catch up though :)