Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Halloween Crafts

I didn't want to lose the entire weekend to baking (although 9 hours baking on Saturday could possibly be seen as just that!) so we took the kids to a local farm where halloween activities were taking place. The kids got to do some drawing, painting, pumpkin carving....lots of different things!
 This is Boo's bat picture
 Bubs's bat pictures
 Boo's finished bat picture....super work Boo!
 Pippi's pumpkins... very cute!
 Daddy helping to make potato stamps....
 Pippi made a fab witch's hat stamp and then painted the rest of the witch on by hand....clever girl
 Bailey's contribution...... think he quite enjoyed this....
 The younger three are turning into quite the little picasso's! Here they are enjoying mud painting... a lot....
 Bubs standing in the mud hut, it was very cool
 Boo trying her hand at some yarn weaving
 Its the pole lathe man again, got to have a very interesting chat with him this time. Very interesting and talented man
Boo's finished pumpkin

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