Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Girls have their first (very exciting) Horse Riding Lesson

Ever since she was super tiny as Cordelia adored horses. I'm not sure when it started but her love affair with horses has always been. Any opportunity to spend time with them, feed them, stroke them and ride them and she is there like a shot. I'm quite scared of horses and i've always worried about her having lessons which is silly because as today proved to me she is an absolute natural where horses and riding them are concerned. I'm glad I waited though until she was this age to start riding because it is still a dangerous sport. The teacher i have found for the girls is brilliant and is exactly what i have spent a long time searching for. Pippi has never shown much interest until her friends birthday party but I'm really glad she has because I think it's lovely that they have something they share together as sisters and also because I really think you learn so much from the discipline and skill required to ride horses. I'm very proud of both my daughters today (as always) soppy moment over.................

 Introducing mummy to all the horses in the stables
 Getting there riding helmets on. I've promised to buy them all there own gear as soon as I can but for now we are using the equipment at the stables.
 Bubs came along to support his sisters and loved running between all the horses and feeding them hay. He even got some jobs to do himself and filled haysacks up and water buckets. I have a feeling he will be joining his sisters soon......

Having one last hug after the lesson. They did so well, their postures were so good when they were doing trotting and the very difficult and numerous turns on the saddle. They learned so much today and are already wondering what they will be learning next week :-)

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