Friday, 22 October 2010

Making our own fungus

As you may have well noticed our theme at the moment is fungus! Its such an interesting subject and so varied. The girls sat and looked at all the different names of fungus and learnt some important facts about fungus. Such as the most toxic fungi is called Death Cap and just half of the top can kill a human! So after all that fact finding they decided to have a go at inventing their own types of fungi. Cordy's two species were 'The Glare' and 'Mount Sparkle'. Pippi did one species and called hers 'Mglitte Stopper'.

 The girls then decided to do some science and see if they could grow their own fungi, first they thought about how and where they could try and grow some fungi. They decided to use bread and put 3 different slices into 3 different airtight boxes and put them in different spots around the house and garden. They wrote on the whiteboard what equipment they were going to need. Then set about gathering it all.

 This was a handy helpful sheet from our nature detectives pack. They wrote in what kind of temperature, moisture and light conditions they were going to try to grow their fungi.
 And off to work they set!
 Putting water on this slice to see if the moisture will help the fungi grow
 Outside underneath the BBQ for this box
 Under the sink for this box
And in our super warm airing cupboard for this boc. Let the experiment begin! Will post an update soon.....

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