Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Girl's horse party

On Saturday the girls had a horse riding party, Bailey was at a sleepover with a friend so daddy took Ruben fishing for the afternoon whilst I went to the horse party with the girls. This was Ruben as he set off with his backpack, binoculars, bird book and camping chair. Very excited!

 Cordy loves horse riding and has loved horses since she was very, very tiny so this is her idea of bliss!
 Pippi is quite nervous and hasn't been on a horse in a very long time. But I was so impressed by her confidence on the horse this time around! She had a horse called Sherry.
 Cordelia's horse was called Tilly and I thought she was going to burst with excitement whilst she was on her she was so happy!
 Trotting around the muddy field.

Pippi concentrating very hard around the field. The girls had so much fun that they have talked me into taking them to lessons there! They even enjoyed the mucking out bit too! Sadly, daddy and Ruben didn't catch any fish so there was no trout for tea :-(

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