Friday, 22 October 2010

Fungus Walk at Ulley

We met up with our friends and had a lovely walk around Ulley Reservoir with a fungi expert called Ziggy. Its amazing how many different species there are when you start to look and everyone wanted to know which ones where edible but to be honest its so hard to tell i definitley wouldn't risk it! The ones you can eat look so similar to the one's that can give you kidney damage!

 Cordy was happy to have a feel of the spongy fungi and look at the gills underneath. This was a common garden fungi.
 Some look so perfect!
 Some look like clouds....
 Some were super tiny!
 Some were huddled up
 Some where very flat!
 Bubs was more interested in sticks, sticks, sticks!
 A tiny frog we found near the water's edge!
 Apple picking (they made a delicious apple crumble afterwards!)
The most perfect fairy toad stool we have ever seen (so far!)

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