Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Creswell Crags

It was a lovely sunny day on Friday so I took the children and dog for a walk around Creswell Crags, they went up and explored, although you can only see the front of the cave because there are locked gates covering the fronts. The cave's really open up inside and lots of items have been found inside them.(you can have cave tours which we will have to do soon!)

 Some of the caves are quite high up
 Reading about the cave and items that were found inside the caves
 Looking deep into the cave
 Found the year Bailey was born.
 Robin Hood's cave. Amber, a bison leg bone, burnt bone and a chopping tool have been found in this cave.
 Back down the steps we go.....
 A shady moment!
 The kids loved the name of this cave. A human skull, 2000 years old, a charred hazelnut shell, butchered horse teeth, hippopotamus teeth and the lower jaw of a rhinoceros have been found in here.The kids also liked the 'pin' cave, named because bones as small as pins were found in there.
 Having a refreshing drink on the new wooden bridge afterwards.
Outside Mother Grundy's Parlour Cave

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