Thursday, 21 October 2010

Clumber in the Autumn

We had a lovely walk around the lake at clumber whilst dad and bubs were still having fun at their beaver sleepover. It inspired us to look for lots of different fungi. Once you stop to look you find all different kinds everywhere!

 Bailey thought this one looked like a microphone
 Like a proper fairy story toadstool, enchanting!
 We managed to stumble across the annual wood fair and Cordy was delighted to find a French work horse who's name was Ouragon (French for Hurricane) apparently you can tell the age of a French horse by the letter of its name. All horses born in that year start with the same letter! Very interesting....

 The girls got chance to have a go on this lathe that makes all sorts of items including spindles for chair legs and staircases.

 Look at all the things he has made! How clever
The wood sculptures where really impressive, Cordy loved this owl

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