Thursday, 21 October 2010

Beavers Sleepover/Girlie Night In

Ruben and Daddy had their very first Beaver sleepover last week, he looked so cute all ready to go with his sleeping bag and rucksack! He had a blast and made some new friends. He was put into a group with quite a few girls , which he loved and they got a bit lost on there night time walk, thankfully he was with 2 other leaders but they decided to call themselves 'The Lost Boys' which i think is very cool. He was shattered when he got home and so was dad!

 Meanwhile......Whilst daddy and Ruben were away us girls decided to have some pamper time with face masks, snacks and cheesy tv! Cordelia said we must use the cucumber because it 'reduces swelling around the eyes' lol :-)

 Piper didn't enjoy the mess it made though, she's quite a tidy girl!
I very much enjoyed it though!

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