Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The 8 mile Kinder Scout Waterfall Walk

Daddy thought we all needed to blow the cobwebs off today and so we got out our new AA Peak District Walks book out and picked this walk. Its a very famous walk and is the highest grit stone peak in the Peak District so it's a VERY big achievement for the children to have walked all the way up there. I am (as always!) super proud of them all :-) We started at the bottom with the remains of an old fashioned sheep dip and an ash tree that was a 150 years old!

 The children found some burrows and had a guess what might live in there! Bubs suggested pole cats (bless him, his beaver group were treated to a visit from a wildlife ranger who brought some lovely, but rather smelly polecats with him as well as 2 owls, rare chickens and a lion headed rabbit!)
 Bubs tests the water level with a stick
 The kids found a dung beetle, they are very large and we saw a few of them when we were in Wales on the Precipice Walk.

 They have a beautiful bright blue colour on the underside
 A rare picture of Bailey who hates photographs! Must be because he is nearly a teenager! The children can't resist standing on a bridge
 Bubs found a very furry caterpillar which he was desperate to keep but we talked him into putting it back as we felt it would be happier in this wild terrain rather than our house!

 The stream criss crossed all the way up for about 400 metres and was quite treacherous in some parts, I got my feet soaked and then had to spend the rest of the walk with soggy feet :-( Luckily the kids had wellies on
 Finally we reached the highest point!! And i have no idea how we made it there because several times i wanted to give up. But the view was really worth it. And the children got some sweets as a reward for all their efforts (and mummy too:-)
This was the last lot of steps before the top and boy were they tough, it was a real thigh burner but Bubs just shot up them with his last bursts of energy (that boy will do anything for a packet of smarties lol)
The walk was an expert level in the book and was meant to take 5 hours in total and be 8 miles. It took us 5 and a half which I think is amazing when you think how little the kids legs are! It felt more like 10 miles to me! I hardly took any photo's on the way back down as we were all pretty warn out. We even passed mountain rescue on our way back down and had an interesting talk with the children about what to do in an emergency and the importance of staying safe so high up in the peaks. Pippi said they would be fine if mum and dad did fall to the bottom of the cliff though because she could phone mountain rescue, Bailey could do first aid and Cordelia could rummage through the bag to find snacks for Ruben! Priceless :-))

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