Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Porthmadog Beach-the best in the world???

It was a flipping long walk to get to this beach especially when you are laden down with buckets, spades, fishing gear and enough BBQ food to feed a small army but we eventually made it and boy it was so worthwhile! It was the quietest beach I've ever experienced and I don't just mean with people, the sea was out so there was no waves crashing against the beach and as its on the estuary you don't hear it when the water comes in. Very easy to get caught out on this beach and get stranded! The backdrop was spectacular though and the RAF planes kept flying over really low so we all kept stopping what we were doing to watch them. Their were little caves for the kids (and dog!)to explore and bubs even managed to find some rather big shrimp. I think all of us could have stayed on this beach for a week solid and not got bored. The kids had a go at sea fishing with Dad (and even i did too, it was very relaxing) and Bailey learnt how to BBQ!

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