Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Nature Reserve

Thought it was time for a catch up. We have been doing so much stuff recently that I thought it was about time to ctach up on some blogging. We had a lovely day doing art and blackberry picking at our local nature reserve, the kids really enjoyed playing with their friends and making art from bits of nature that they had collected. Bailey and his friend made a lovely leaf design with all the different coloured leafs. Pips made a very pretty pile of broken twigs which she then turned into a star shape with her intials in. Cordelia made a very colourful square with parts of flowers and twigs and bubs made a type of fish design, the centre piece being a piece of fish skin that he and his friends had found. The blackberry picking wasn't quite as much fun as there were lots of nettles involved and it was a bit too warm for the kids, still the girls enjoyed making the pudding and Cordy even gave her pudding to a friend who had dropped hers. She can be very kind! Unforunately we forgot to eat the pudding as we were so busy preparing for our holiday!

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