Monday, 27 September 2010

Masson Mills

This is a photo of the children stood with a statue of Sir Richard Arkwright, the owner of the two Mills. We had a walk around the floors of the mill first, where i bought some lovely coloured string and some buttons (couldn't resist!) and then we paid to go and look around the textile museum.

This is Bailey using the original clocking in machine that the workers would have to use. Although, quarter to two would have been quite late to start work in a factory!

 It was very loud in the factory and you were warned to only stay no longer than 15 minutes due to possible ear damage. There were so many machines whirring and clunking but it was interesting to imagine how it would have been with so many workers around to work the machines. Lots of posters about death by electrocution which were a little off putting! It would have been nice to have a guide to show us around but the machines just run themselves now.

Getting weighed together on the old fashioned weighing scales!

 Watching the big looms with fascination as they made pieces of coloured cotton material.
 Mummy's favourite room-The Bobbin Room! It was covered and I really mean covered in bobbins there were over 640,000 bobbins in the room.
Outside the mill, with the huge chimney!
 Walking over the bridge, this is where the water turbines are and when the electricity that is created is not being used in the day for the factory it is sent to the national grid. The water is very deep here.

This was the boiler room, the younger two found this room quite scary as the boilers were so huge and quite intimidating. Bub's even found a tiny mouse hole but I didn't get chance to take a picture as they were already running to the end of the tour!

 Finally finished our tour of the museum and this is the grand entrance of the front of the mill.

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