Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jellyfishes and Starfish in Llandudno!

This has got to be the best time to visit a beach, September weekday, it wasn't warm but it wasn't cold either and there was hardly anyone around so it was absolute bliss for the kids (and us) Daddy got to do some sea fishing but unfortunately didn't catch anything. The kids meanwhile caught all sorts in the rock pool's. The tiniest starfish which we had to put on a rock for them to show up on the camera they were so small. Bub's dug as if his life depended on it and collected lots of 'eggs' or tiny white pebbles to you and me. Always happy when he is collecting sticks/rocks or bugs! There were lots of washed up jellyfish and they were very unusual, sort of red and disc shaped, completely different to the jellyfish we saw on a later beach which were more boxy and with clear tentacles.

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