Wednesday, 22 September 2010


When we visited in April we didn't get chance to take the kids inside Britain's smallest house and Pips has never let us forget about it so we took them back and had a look in. I'd say a look around but really it is ridiculously small. How two adults (one of them 6ft!)could live in it I have no idea, but our tent certainly felt roomy when we got back! You have to take it in turns to look at the bedroom as there is only a very narrow ladder which you climb to look in, there wasn't much there besides a bed and a table. Apparently the man of the house travelled around Britain with a tape measure to prove his was the smallest house (no arguments from us!). Last time we walked all the way around the town walls but we were desperate to get to the beach at Llandudno whilst it wasn't raining so we gave it a miss this time! We did manage to go into the Knight's shop and I took this picture of the girls outside with their Knight in Shining Armour!

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