Friday, 6 August 2010

Crabbing at Whitby

Whilst camping near York this weekend we went to Whitby, we haven't been for years and Cordy and Bubs have never been. First thing we did was to buy crab lines and bacon (that daddy thought was far too good for the crabs!) It took ages to catch anything and we ended up going for a walk (and some donuts!) and trying a different spot. Cordy caught a MASSIVE crab! Whilst James was trying to untangle it, it managed to escape and caused quite a commotion amongst the little crowd of specatators that Cordy had managed to attract whilst screaming about having caught a crab before anyone else. No worries about my daughter and her confidence skills! Unfortunately she managed to drop it on its head whilst putting it back in the water, oopppssss, think it was ok though (?). This was our diggity dogs first camping trip/holiday and she was very freaked out by it all and was very pleased to be back home in her comfy bed and bossing the cats around.

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