Monday, 2 August 2010

Biking, Baking and Haircuts

The first sunny day in what seemed like an eternity had me rushing to get up and dressed and take the kids for a bike ride, unfortunately all i got was this one picture as Bailey fell off and hurt his hand and Cordy was in a bit of a huff! Was a short bike ride. Never mind....
Cordy had a baking week and made lots of yummy treats including some mini scones which were enjoyed by us all and even our next door neighbour! Then she moved on to a chocolate mud cake which was also delicious!!! She has lots of things that she still wants to make. Bubs made us some yummy popcorn and said it looked like the kernals were having a game of basketball inside the pan!
Bailey has had a haircut! Hurrah! I love that we can finally see his face and ears once again, I'm totally biaised but gosh he is gorgeous!

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