Friday, 6 August 2010

Crabbing at Whitby

Whilst camping near York this weekend we went to Whitby, we haven't been for years and Cordy and Bubs have never been. First thing we did was to buy crab lines and bacon (that daddy thought was far too good for the crabs!) It took ages to catch anything and we ended up going for a walk (and some donuts!) and trying a different spot. Cordy caught a MASSIVE crab! Whilst James was trying to untangle it, it managed to escape and caused quite a commotion amongst the little crowd of specatators that Cordy had managed to attract whilst screaming about having caught a crab before anyone else. No worries about my daughter and her confidence skills! Unfortunately she managed to drop it on its head whilst putting it back in the water, oopppssss, think it was ok though (?). This was our diggity dogs first camping trip/holiday and she was very freaked out by it all and was very pleased to be back home in her comfy bed and bossing the cats around.

Back down from the Long Man

On the way back down, there was so much lovely nature to see. Beautiful stripy pink and white flowers, empty snail shells? Lots of them! And blackberries that were ready to eat, wonder if its because its so much warmer down there because most of them are still green here? Bailey and Pippi even found some spiky caterpillars too, they wanted to keep them and turn them into butterflies again but i had forgotten to bring caterpillar catching kits with me :-/ The sounds as we walked back to the car were lovely, grasshoppers/crickets not sure which but it was just like being back in France again.

Taking a walk up the Long Man

Whilst in Sussex we had to walk up to see the Long Man as we have drove past him so many times. It was a lovely walk, even though it was all up hill! You can only walk to the bottom of the hill as your not meant to actually walk on him, even though there were lots of people doing just that we respected the rule and stayed on the other side of the fence. As we walked up the hill Bubs asked "Mummy, why does that man have a magician's hat inside him?" Hmmmmmm good question Bubs! I would love to be in that boys head sometimes :-)

Monday, 2 August 2010

On the Cuckoo Trail

Whilst Cordy-Boo enjoyed a day of fun with the horses I took Bailey, Pips and Bubs for a walk along the Cuckoo Trail. It used to be an old railway track and was full of wildlife and most importantly for Bubs-sticks. That boy loves a pile of sticks, despite leaving behind a pile at the campsite, he still took this opportunity to gather some extra's. Bailey and Piper even took a very rare photo of me too. It was very strange to have only 3 children for the day, I always feel lost when one of them is missing. We saw lots of cyclists too and even a man on a penny farthing!

Cordelia has a Pony Day

There is nothing Cordelia enjoys more than spending the day with horses, she has been ever so good and saved her birthday money from April to have another day looking after horses in the stables on our campsite. So we walked her down to the stables with her packed lunch and left her with a huge smile on her face. She had a horse called Pod to ride which stands for Princess of Darkness, hmmmmmmmm cheery name for a horse! When we picked her up, she then had to go and say goodbye to all the horses she had met, she had a fantastic day and has started saving for the next one already.......

Life's a beach

My kids LOVE the beach and always say they wish they lived nearer to one (me too!)Bailey was very happily building himself a fort with the utmost concentration. Whilst staying in Eastbourne we visited about 4 beaches, so by the time we had finished camping the tent was half full of sand, where does it all come from? But we had a fab time. Really can't get along with the pebbly beaches though, it makes your feet hurt, it would have to be sand for me :-)

Ice creams at Rye

Whilst on our very first camping trip I took the kids to Camber Sands and on the way back we visited a beautiful little village called Rye. Its a very old village and there were lots of Dutch and French tourists wandering around the tiny cobbled streets. We sat outside the Mermaid Tearooms on Mermaid Street (how cool?) and ate ice creams, I think it was the kids best part of the day. Although they had a fantastic time rolling down the sand dunes in Camber, it is a glorious beach but it was much better when we visited in October, colder admittedly but there was only us there last time and it was magical!

Biking, Baking and Haircuts

The first sunny day in what seemed like an eternity had me rushing to get up and dressed and take the kids for a bike ride, unfortunately all i got was this one picture as Bailey fell off and hurt his hand and Cordy was in a bit of a huff! Was a short bike ride. Never mind....
Cordy had a baking week and made lots of yummy treats including some mini scones which were enjoyed by us all and even our next door neighbour! Then she moved on to a chocolate mud cake which was also delicious!!! She has lots of things that she still wants to make. Bubs made us some yummy popcorn and said it looked like the kernals were having a game of basketball inside the pan!
Bailey has had a haircut! Hurrah! I love that we can finally see his face and ears once again, I'm totally biaised but gosh he is gorgeous!