Friday, 16 July 2010

Windy Windy Windmill

We had a visit to my favourite thing..... a windmill! The staff were so good with us and were so excited to have visitors, it's sad when people take these places for granted and don't visit them. There were four floors to explore and each one was used for a different section of milling, unfortunately we weren't allowed to go up the last two floors as they are shut off due to health and safety. Shame :-(
There is no equipment left in the windmill as it had changed through numerous hands and fell into decline until the 1970's when it was opened as a tourist attraction, by then all the original equipment had been either destroyed or stolen. The two gentlemen on the museum floor gave the children a quiz to do, which they all enjoyed. They had to find different objects from around the cabinets and identify different objects. I loved the clothes airer which was like a big fan on the wooden beams, too busy having fun and learning and i forgot to take a photo! At the end of the quiz the children got a certificate with their name written on beautifully using calligraphy. They were so pleased. The gentleman also gave them each a bullet that was found on site from the Civil war, they are very tiny but also quite heavy.
Before we went into the windmill the children sat outside on the grass and drew a picture of the windmill in their new art books. They are all fantastic. Pippi says hers is like a Lauren Child illustration and called it the Crazy Mill, Bailey's was very artistic and very detailed. I love Cordelia's sails and the detail of Bub's blue door. After the windmill we had a walk around the Mound which was where Raileigh Castle stood for 300 years, it was only made of wood so didn't last as long as the other surrounding castles such as Hadleigh Castle. Then we had a lovely walk in Hockton Woods and sang the banana song from the beavers camp as we went round and also 'going on a bear hunt'. Good job no-one was in the woods to hear by terrible singing :-/

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