Friday, 16 July 2010

Southend-on-Sea Pier

If it looks cold on these photo's that's because it was! Despite being July, it was rainy and very, very windy! That's why I bought the kids some fresh donuts to warm them up! It was 1.33 miles to walk down the pier, which was quite a long walk in the wind and rain. At the bottom there were people fishing and also a lifeboat station which was very interesting. I didn't realise it costs £1777 to kit one member of the Lifeboat out! Bubs remembered that amount as he was surprised too. There was also a leaflet about a lady named Grace Darling who was a Victorian heroine. She used to row out to sea in an open boat to help save others. We will be looking into this more and finding out more about her and her story. We got some Sea Safe booklets so the kids could look at how to be more careful near the sea and what dangers to look out for. We sat and waited for the train back up the pier which was much warmer and less tiring than walking back up it!

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