Friday, 16 July 2010

A fisherman's life for me!

In the back of the Heritage centre there is a doorway where you go through to an original fisherman's house. It was very small and used to belong to a family called the Plumbers who had 10 children. The house and been renovated but made to look as close to the original layout as possible, the living room was very small with a hearth and a few chairs, on the table where the foods they would have eaten. The father sold half of his catch and used the other half to feed his family, flatfish is what they would have typically have eaten with some bread baked by the mother and cockles that had been collected. The kitchen was small but well equipped with a little stove, the lady showed the children how the iron would have worked and how they used to have 2 so when one went cold they could swap them over. Upstairs there was just one bedroom where all the family would sleep, the kids all stood in front of the bed that the children would have slept in. It was an average sized double bed and had 1 long pillow called a bolster at each end for the children to sleep on. The parents bed was a tiny single bed which Cordy is stood in front of. Hopefully the children appreciated how lucky they are to have their own beds and bedrooms now :-)

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