Friday, 16 July 2010

Carnival Time

On Sunday we finally had the village carnival which we had a craft stall with some friends. It has been such a time consuming project and when i started it in winter, i thought it would be a great project for all of the kids to be involved with, working out the money, profits and making things but it ended up being me doing most of the work. I'm not good at this kind of stuff, it took me ages to master the sewing machine and make the bags and birds. We made a little profit but only if i don't take into account all of the materials and the time spent. It was something new and i'm glad we tried it but it wasn't for me and i won't be doing any craft unless its for myself or the kids in future! Bailey got to meet a Dalek, which he was very happy about and all of the kids enjoyed helping nan on the Adopt a Teddy Stall, she said they were fanatstic sales people, mainly because they bought a load of bears of her themselves!!!

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