Friday, 16 July 2010

Beaver Camp

Wow, we have been so busy this week that i'm back again to loading a full weeks worth of blogs! But anywhooo, we had a fantastic day on Saturday at the scout camp. It was the first group outing we had done since James started beavers and the kids loved it. There was so much to do, it started at 9.30 with inflatables, circus skills, face painting and even a climbing wall, then lunch time. By which point i was already shattered. Looking after your own four children is hard enough but looking after 8 very active 6 year olds as well is quite another thing! After lunch we did archery, zip wire, obstacle course and back for some quick goes down the inflatable slide. Then it was BBQ for tea followed by a campfire. The kids loved the campfire but i didn't take any photos as i was too busy singing!! It didn't finish until 7.45pm and we were all shattered!

Look at Cordy scaling the climbing wall, I was so proud of her she was the first child and only girl of the day to get to the top and showed all the boys how it was done. She is such a brave girl! It was quite high too about 30-40 ft and she was so pleased when she got back down. Bubs loved the arcery so much he even managed to find a bow and arrow at the car boot on Sunday with 3 arrows, so he now thinks he is Robin Hood :-0

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