Friday, 16 July 2010

Photo's from the Windmill

Windy Windy Windmill

We had a visit to my favourite thing..... a windmill! The staff were so good with us and were so excited to have visitors, it's sad when people take these places for granted and don't visit them. There were four floors to explore and each one was used for a different section of milling, unfortunately we weren't allowed to go up the last two floors as they are shut off due to health and safety. Shame :-(
There is no equipment left in the windmill as it had changed through numerous hands and fell into decline until the 1970's when it was opened as a tourist attraction, by then all the original equipment had been either destroyed or stolen. The two gentlemen on the museum floor gave the children a quiz to do, which they all enjoyed. They had to find different objects from around the cabinets and identify different objects. I loved the clothes airer which was like a big fan on the wooden beams, too busy having fun and learning and i forgot to take a photo! At the end of the quiz the children got a certificate with their name written on beautifully using calligraphy. They were so pleased. The gentleman also gave them each a bullet that was found on site from the Civil war, they are very tiny but also quite heavy.
Before we went into the windmill the children sat outside on the grass and drew a picture of the windmill in their new art books. They are all fantastic. Pippi says hers is like a Lauren Child illustration and called it the Crazy Mill, Bailey's was very artistic and very detailed. I love Cordelia's sails and the detail of Bub's blue door. After the windmill we had a walk around the Mound which was where Raileigh Castle stood for 300 years, it was only made of wood so didn't last as long as the other surrounding castles such as Hadleigh Castle. Then we had a lovely walk in Hockton Woods and sang the banana song from the beavers camp as we went round and also 'going on a bear hunt'. Good job no-one was in the woods to hear by terrible singing :-/

A fisherman's life for me!

In the back of the Heritage centre there is a doorway where you go through to an original fisherman's house. It was very small and used to belong to a family called the Plumbers who had 10 children. The house and been renovated but made to look as close to the original layout as possible, the living room was very small with a hearth and a few chairs, on the table where the foods they would have eaten. The father sold half of his catch and used the other half to feed his family, flatfish is what they would have typically have eaten with some bread baked by the mother and cockles that had been collected. The kitchen was small but well equipped with a little stove, the lady showed the children how the iron would have worked and how they used to have 2 so when one went cold they could swap them over. Upstairs there was just one bedroom where all the family would sleep, the kids all stood in front of the bed that the children would have slept in. It was an average sized double bed and had 1 long pillow called a bolster at each end for the children to sleep on. The parents bed was a tiny single bed which Cordy is stood in front of. Hopefully the children appreciated how lucky they are to have their own beds and bedrooms now :-)

Leigh On Sea

This place is so small we drove through it twice without seeing it! But it was worth finding, it was very quaint. We visited the Fishing Heritage centre, which was very tiny but the lady there was very helpful and showed the children how to hold a yoke upon their shoulders. Only Bailey tried to lift it fully as it was very heavy despite only being half-full of shells. She showed us a photo of how they used to have the baskets full of cockles and then they would have to walk along thin planks to take them back off the boat. She told us how she remembered bouncing up and down on the planks as a child. It looked like very hard work! She even let the children hold a cannon ball each which was quite heavy according to the children.

Southend-on-Sea Pier

If it looks cold on these photo's that's because it was! Despite being July, it was rainy and very, very windy! That's why I bought the kids some fresh donuts to warm them up! It was 1.33 miles to walk down the pier, which was quite a long walk in the wind and rain. At the bottom there were people fishing and also a lifeboat station which was very interesting. I didn't realise it costs £1777 to kit one member of the Lifeboat out! Bubs remembered that amount as he was surprised too. There was also a leaflet about a lady named Grace Darling who was a Victorian heroine. She used to row out to sea in an open boat to help save others. We will be looking into this more and finding out more about her and her story. We got some Sea Safe booklets so the kids could look at how to be more careful near the sea and what dangers to look out for. We sat and waited for the train back up the pier which was much warmer and less tiring than walking back up it!

Carnival Time

On Sunday we finally had the village carnival which we had a craft stall with some friends. It has been such a time consuming project and when i started it in winter, i thought it would be a great project for all of the kids to be involved with, working out the money, profits and making things but it ended up being me doing most of the work. I'm not good at this kind of stuff, it took me ages to master the sewing machine and make the bags and birds. We made a little profit but only if i don't take into account all of the materials and the time spent. It was something new and i'm glad we tried it but it wasn't for me and i won't be doing any craft unless its for myself or the kids in future! Bailey got to meet a Dalek, which he was very happy about and all of the kids enjoyed helping nan on the Adopt a Teddy Stall, she said they were fanatstic sales people, mainly because they bought a load of bears of her themselves!!!

Spider Girl

Here are the photo's of Cordy making her way up the climbing wall!

Beaver Camp

Wow, we have been so busy this week that i'm back again to loading a full weeks worth of blogs! But anywhooo, we had a fantastic day on Saturday at the scout camp. It was the first group outing we had done since James started beavers and the kids loved it. There was so much to do, it started at 9.30 with inflatables, circus skills, face painting and even a climbing wall, then lunch time. By which point i was already shattered. Looking after your own four children is hard enough but looking after 8 very active 6 year olds as well is quite another thing! After lunch we did archery, zip wire, obstacle course and back for some quick goes down the inflatable slide. Then it was BBQ for tea followed by a campfire. The kids loved the campfire but i didn't take any photos as i was too busy singing!! It didn't finish until 7.45pm and we were all shattered!

Look at Cordy scaling the climbing wall, I was so proud of her she was the first child and only girl of the day to get to the top and showed all the boys how it was done. She is such a brave girl! It was quite high too about 30-40 ft and she was so pleased when she got back down. Bubs loved the arcery so much he even managed to find a bow and arrow at the car boot on Sunday with 3 arrows, so he now thinks he is Robin Hood :-0

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Junk Models

Cordy and Bubs took it upon themselves to raid the recycling box this afternoon. They had lots of messy fun and got glue everywhere! Cordy made a dog and Bubs made a holder for his Pokemon figures. They want to do it all again tomorrow too :-)

The Bath.....

In case there is anyone who has heard me go on and on about my fantastic bath but not seen it- here it is.... and the view I have when I am in there. It doesn't matter how bad a day, everything is GOOD when I am sat in there :-0

Cupcake Art

Look what dad made........


Bags, Birds, Buttons and Beads

These are just a few pictures of the items we have made for the village carnival at the weekend, it has come around so quickly and what with the house move its been quite stressful. But we are nearly there now, the girls have made some beautiful bracelets and necklaces. All the children have painted glass jars to put tealights in and I have made a few things too. A few weeks ago I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine and now I'm making bags :-) Let's hope they sell.......

More Fish!

Just a few more shots of the fishing trip :-)

Coke-Cola Cake...yummy

Daddy had a yummy Coke Cola cake for his birthday, it didn't come out perfectly but the younger three enjoyed helping to make it and they certainly ALL enjoyed helping eat it! We will definately be making this one again :-)

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

It was Daddys birthday and so we all went fishing. The kids were so excited and so was James, infact he was so excited he got up at 4.30am! We took a picninc and James set up the first rod straight away, its been 13 years since he last went fishing so he was a little rusty but the kids started catching the fish staright away, almost too quickly, it took James an hour to set up the second rod because he had to keep stopping to sort the fish out. Cordy loved holding them and so did Bubs. Pippi and Bailey waited very patiently when it was their turn unlike the younger two. They caught Perch, Roach, Chubb, Skimmer Bream (?), Barbel and Carp. We stayed for 5 hours before we left to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy Bear!