Monday, 21 June 2010

Finally we have Butterflies....

After the first butterfly emerged the other two were not far behind him. Out of 5 caterpillars we got 3 butterflies which wasn't too bad. The last one finally cocooned but something ate him! Oh dear! But I suppose that's nature for you. The kids wanted to keep the butterflies but the sun was shining and they were fluttering in the butterfly house and it just felt like the right time to let them free. So we all piled into the garden and released them. Bubs even tried to nudge one out of the house but it still wouldn't budge, eventually though it flew away too. Bye butterflies :-))We will definitely do this again next year as it was such an interesting project. Cordy has already got a different caterpillar living in the butterfly house, talk about a fast turn around!

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