Monday, 21 June 2010

Driving School

At the driving school you had to leave the children whilst they all had to watch the practice video for driving. They all sat and watched the video and then the staff told them what they had to do if they were stuck-wave their arms in the air and say "I'm a silly sausage". Its so funny to watch the kids when they come out of the practice area to find a car as they all charge out and run around the streets to find a car all in different directions. Pippi managed to call ot "I'm a silly sausage" 3 times before they had even started as she thought her car wasn't working, it was but they wait until everyone has their seat belts on before they are allowed to drive off. The lady was getting a bit miffed with her by the last time i think! When they have had their drive they each got a driving license which they were very happy about :-)

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