Friday, 11 June 2010

Best Party Ever

It was a friend's party last week, just before we moved and the kids had a wonderful time. My friend had put so much thought and effort into it all and it really was the best kids party ever. The food was fantastic, she had made all sorts of snacks with a bug theme, Bubs favourite was the mud, he told Bailey 'This mud is GOOD'. I loved the meringue's and cupcakes and the birthday cake was delicious but too nice to cut up! The first game was a huge spiderweb which the kids had to unravel with a lollipop stick, Bubs got a bit stuck and ended up under the table but managed it in the end. They all got a frisbee for their efforts and enjoyed throwing them around my friend massive garden. They then played a caterpillar which was so funny to watch, they had to crawl around in colourful sacks. Don't think i got many photos as i was too busy laughing! The favourite part (apart from the food obviously!) was the water slide. It was such a warm day that they all put their swim stuff on and flew down it together in fits of giggles. It was one of those perfect days for Home educating, where i was so pleased they were having fun outside with their friends. Bailey said it was the best party he had ever been too!!

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