Monday, 21 June 2010

Driving School

At the driving school you had to leave the children whilst they all had to watch the practice video for driving. They all sat and watched the video and then the staff told them what they had to do if they were stuck-wave their arms in the air and say "I'm a silly sausage". Its so funny to watch the kids when they come out of the practice area to find a car as they all charge out and run around the streets to find a car all in different directions. Pippi managed to call ot "I'm a silly sausage" 3 times before they had even started as she thought her car wasn't working, it was but they wait until everyone has their seat belts on before they are allowed to drive off. The lady was getting a bit miffed with her by the last time i think! When they have had their drive they each got a driving license which they were very happy about :-)


The kids were most excited about driving school as the younger three were too small for it last time we went but first we did boat school. As Bubs and Cordy were too small to go in by themselves we had to go with them leaving Bailey and Pippi to go together. What a nightmare they were like a married couple it was soooo funny, they even caused a 3 boat pile up because they were arguing about who had their foot on the accelerator. Thankfully the 3 boats contained only us so Daddy and Bubs who were last managed to go infront, followed by me and Cordy and lastly Bailey and Pippi (who started off first!)

Bailey is 12!!

Bailey turned 12 on Friday and so we headed to Legoland for a special birthday treat. All four of the kids love Lego and its been about 5/6 years since we last went. We had to get up at 5.30 and let Bailey open his presents and cards quickly before we set off but we got there super early which meant we got to go on 5 rides in the first hour! This is Bailey with his old friends Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, when he was 18 months old he was obsessed with the film Toy Story (and i still know it word for word)so i took this opportunity to see them reunited! Bubs even squeezed himself in on the first picture!

Pippi makes a delicious Salad

Pippi decided she wanted to make us a salad to go with our England World Cup Football BBQ. So she set to cutting up cucumber, onion and lettuce and then rinsed it all before adding sea salt, black pepper and olive oil and grated carrot. It was delicious and Pippi couldn't wait to get stuck in as you can see from this photo!

Bubs makes Carrot Cake...yum

Bub's decided to help me make a carrot cake, its only the second time we have made this cake and i can't believe how easy and tasty it is. Bub's loves it, i think he would eat it all by himself if he could.

Cordy makes fudge/Toffee

Cordelia had her head back in the Fabulous book again and decided she wanted to make some Toffee that was actually fudge i think. We followed the recipe and Cordy had to stir for 25 consecutive minutes, which is very long for little hands. Unfortunately even after spending all night in the fridge it didn't set and we had to through it away :-( Next time we need to use a sugar thermometer to make sure its hot enough!

More Photo's

We even saw a rabbit in the woods too!

More Rufford and bug hunting!

There was so many new babies at Rufford and it was lovely to see the parents being so protective of their young. These two geese were in a panic when their baby chicks went through a gap in the fence and into the lake, they were far too big to fit through the fence too and had to try and find a way through. They managed it in the end though! Bubs found a baby snail which was very very small and Cordelia found this lovely beetle on a flower too :-)


After all the hassle of moving we finally had a quiet-ish weekend and decided to go to mummy's favourite place Rufford Abbey. First thing we did there was get some ice cream's and a fancy hot chocolate for me :-)Then we all went to the ford, its so much fun watching all the cars go through the water, I think its the kids favourite part. The cars all go through at different speeds and sometimes you even get splashed. We saw this family of swan's and their baby cygnet trying to get over to the other side but a van came past and soaked them! They managed to get across in the end though :-)

Finally we have Butterflies....

After the first butterfly emerged the other two were not far behind him. Out of 5 caterpillars we got 3 butterflies which wasn't too bad. The last one finally cocooned but something ate him! Oh dear! But I suppose that's nature for you. The kids wanted to keep the butterflies but the sun was shining and they were fluttering in the butterfly house and it just felt like the right time to let them free. So we all piled into the garden and released them. Bubs even tried to nudge one out of the house but it still wouldn't budge, eventually though it flew away too. Bye butterflies :-))We will definitely do this again next year as it was such an interesting project. Cordy has already got a different caterpillar living in the butterfly house, talk about a fast turn around!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Best Party Ever

It was a friend's party last week, just before we moved and the kids had a wonderful time. My friend had put so much thought and effort into it all and it really was the best kids party ever. The food was fantastic, she had made all sorts of snacks with a bug theme, Bubs favourite was the mud, he told Bailey 'This mud is GOOD'. I loved the meringue's and cupcakes and the birthday cake was delicious but too nice to cut up! The first game was a huge spiderweb which the kids had to unravel with a lollipop stick, Bubs got a bit stuck and ended up under the table but managed it in the end. They all got a frisbee for their efforts and enjoyed throwing them around my friend massive garden. They then played a caterpillar which was so funny to watch, they had to crawl around in colourful sacks. Don't think i got many photos as i was too busy laughing! The favourite part (apart from the food obviously!) was the water slide. It was such a warm day that they all put their swim stuff on and flew down it together in fits of giggles. It was one of those perfect days for Home educating, where i was so pleased they were having fun outside with their friends. Bailey said it was the best party he had ever been too!!

Cordelia makes plastic.......

I found this book in our new library this week and just knew that both girls would LOVE it, it was right up their street. Its called Glorious Things to Make and Do, the first thing Cordelia tried to make was plastic, she did really well mixing vinegar and milk (it smelt terrible!) and heating it up in the pan until it curdled and then she had to sieve it through until it was like white blobs. She then left it in a glass jar for a couple of hours and then she had to rinse it with water whilst it was in her hands but ooooopppppssss it went straight down the drain and into pieces. It turns out we needed white wine vinegar not malt vinegar! Still we will try it again. Pippi hasn't got a look in with the book yet as its barely left Cordy's hands. Next up toffee mmmmmmmm...........