Friday, 28 May 2010

Pond dipping with friends

We had a lovely day with our friends on Wednesday, we went pond dipping back to where we got the tadpoles from (we still have 2 growing very big in a vase!). They all enjoyed pond dipping together and their friend caught 4 newts which they all had fun holding. Cordy caught one by herself and called it Charlie, its living at her friends house now so she can still visit him. I think we have enough pets living/growing here at the moment. Pips missed lots of the fun as she was having a sulk as you can see........

What a difference 6 days can make

I can't believe how much they can grow in 6 days. The kids are astounded by how fat the caterpillars have grown already and can't wait for them to cocoon so we can put them into the butterfly house.

Caterpillars in the Post

Don't know if you can see very well from the pictures but here are our 5 caterpillars arriving in the post on Saturday! They are so small.....

You do make me laugh/Cheshire

Bailey "There's a man so strong he can pull cars with just his ears"
Cordy "Oh Bailey you really should stop spending so much time on youtube"

Oh how I laughed because I was just about to say the exact same thing

We had a lovely day today in Cheshire, we walked by the side of the canal and got talking to a man who lived in a boat. The children were fascinated by the canal boats and how you can live on one. They all want to live on one now so we might be having a boating holiday at some point this year/next year!!

We did some minibeast hunting too and saw lots of butterflies and learnt about solitary bees from the canal boat man. We even had a game of cricket and played in two different playgrounds. We walked over a viaduct and an aquaduct too!!

Oh the fun!

We found a huge black crab but it was already dead. The kids propped him up on the wall


We made the most of the hot weather and took the kids to Scarborough for the day, we left at 7am to miss the heat and didn't get home till 9pm so we were all pretty shattered. We had such a fun day, we had a BBQ on the beach, toasted marshmallows, had some fresh donuts and did lots of rock pooling. Bubs walked straight into the back of a car because he was so busy looking around. Thankfully the car had no dent in it and all that was damaged was his pride!

Look at All Our Badges!!

The girls finally got some new badges and were over the moon. Pips has been promoted to a sixer and has a special badge. They also went on the Sheffield Eye and got a special badge for it too!

Monday, 24 May 2010

We are Official Brownies-yes we are!

The girls officially became Brownies last Monday the 17th of May after getting their promise badges on the Sheffield Wheel. They were very excited and got to go on the bus with Brown Owl and the rest of the Brownies. Pips became a sixer, which she is extremely, extremely, extremely proud of!! Now she gets to boss around her own group of Sprites!

We caught a Newt!!

Everyone wanted to take a look at him and he had lots of admirers. Bubs wanted to keep him but I explained we already had far too many pets and it would be kinder to put him back in his very blue habitat.

Pond Dippers

Pips and dad having a look what's in her net, think she had caught some tadpoles.
I love this picture of Bubs!!
Cordy is just sooooo happy with herself!

We took the youngest three pond dipping last Sunday as the eldest was at a friend's having a sleepover. We went to the first pond but caught nothing other than a net full of mud! So on we moved to the next pond which was very very very blue!?!

First Post!

How exciting-my first post! Except I feel like the last person on the train because every Home Edder has their own blog. I hope ours comes up to scratch. We do so much stuff that it will be great to see it all together in one place at least. Enjoy!