Sunday, 19 December 2010

My little Pippi is 10!

I really, really can't believe that my smallest baby and eldest daughter has turned 10! She is the most lovely girl, very bright, beautiful and polite little lady and i am extremely proud of my creative, imaginative and sweet girl. When she was born I laid her own my chest and she looked back at me and blew bubbles very quietly. She never cried she just stared up at me and I stared right back at her. Hard to believe that beautiful moment was ten years ago. She was my first baby to be born at home and it was a truly magical experience. She loved to be cuddled (still does too) and adored her big brother, she was always exploring and into everything but has always been the quietest of my four children. She is the most like me and internalises everything, she over thinks things and still sucks her thumb. We adore her and wouldn't change her for the world! Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter xxx

 An avid Sylvanian Families collector, she got several new pieces for her birthday, which she has really enjoyed playing with.
 Unfortunately for Pippi the others like to join in too :-/

 A cupcake stack on her birthday, with 10 cupcakes obviously
 And a poodle cake for her sleepover party. Which was extremely tricky to make, think I have birthday cake fatigue! It was my fourth in 3 weeks and I'm quite glad birthdays are done with until spring!
She had a fab sleepover with 4 of her bestest friends and her little sister, who hates to miss out on anything! They camped in the room on her beds/sleeping bags and had a Home Alone dvd marathon and also watched Elf which is one of our favourite Christmas movies. We all practically know it word for word! They had lots of fun but didn't go to sleep until 3.30am :-/ Still, they all enjoyed themselves and lots of Barbie (her other obsession) and Sylvanian's were played :-)

Christmas Visits

My children are very fortunate that they have not only all their grandparents but nearly all their great-grandparents too! They love to visit them too. Nannan with the frogs (as they fondly call her) always puts a huge spread of food out for them, I think its because she doesn't eat much herself now so she loves to watch the children enjoying their food. Which they really do! She set up the living room like a bistro this time and it looked lovely.

I love this time of year, going in and out of relatives houses and catching up with everyone. I have drunk lots of tea this weekend too, which is never a bad thing :-)

Letters to Santa and Gingerbread Men

All the children sat armed with paper and pens to write their letters to Santa. They drew pictures and asked for 2 items each. They all did lovely writing and the letters were then posted to Santa. No replies yet though but our post is way behind because of the snow!

 Making yummy gingerbread

 They look so cute!

 We ended up eating them all so we didn't get to decorate them, next time I will make two batches. One to eat and one batch to decorate
To everyone!

Snow makes everywhere look sooo pretty!

We had a lovely (if not cold) walk to see if the ponies were in the field. We took some apples just in case but sadly it was too cold even for them :-(

 Bubs decided to leave them for the birds instead......
 Oak leaves in the snow, they looked all glittery and sparkly in the sunlight....

Just wanted to share the view from our beautiful wintery walk ;-))

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Must be December then.....

Every year, withour fail, our tree goes up on the first of December. Even when Ruben was born on the 30th of November the tree was up the day after, much to the surprise of the midwife! Thank goodness I had a home birth so I could be there to supervise James putting up my then 'new' white tree. Its now as old as Ruben but I still LOVE it!
This is the tree in our dining room, usually the kids do this tree and I do the white tree but we all did the decorating together this year which was lovely. It's very easy to do things yourself and obviously much quicker but its very rewarding to let the kids be involved with everything. I'm sure I could get all of the things done much quicker by myself but where would the fun be in that?

 Some of our paper chains on the stairs
 Some more in the dining room
 This year's advent calendar, mummy's favourite-a gingerbread man! James painted it and he used the days from last year which the children had drawn pictures on. It has been lovely as they have remembered which pictures they drew last year. We have a big box of chocolates next to the calendar so everyone gets a chocolate. I'm not sure why this has become their favourite time of day???????
 Pretty snowflakes that we made using tracing paper, a tradition we have done every year since Bailey was little. They look really pretty around the front door and we are making some more for the windows too
 My favourite tree.....Who is that on the top?
 Why Barbie of course! The girls wouldn't have it any other way, we change the Barbie every year and her outfit of course. One must look their best at the top of our tree!
 I love this tea light Santa. It makes pretty tree patterns on the walls at night
Pine cones we collected from Sherwood Pines last year and painted with glitter paint so they 'sparkle' in the light. We are so excited about Christmas and Piper's birthday too, only 9 days to go!

Even the Lego get in on the snow-fun!

These photo's were taken by Bailey so I'm not in a position to be able to share with you what the thoughts behind them are but I thought they were very cool photo's and wanted to show them off. They look very dramatic on the background of the snow.

Well done Bailey B :-)

Woo Hoo my 100th post!

I can't believe this is my hundredth post, its so exciting! I have enjoyed blogging much more than I originally thought I would and I enjoy reading about all the things we have done. I think its nice for our family and friends to be able to read the blog and see what we are doing too. At the moment we have so much snow that we really aren't doing that much except playing in it.
 James helped the girls build snowmen in the garden on his day off. They love having daddy all to themselves!
 Tallulah just has to get in on the action to of course
 The finished snowmen!
 Even more snow the day after, it just keeps on a coming! Boo was making a very deep snow angel
 Ruben was just throwing himself in the snow like a big bath
 I loved how the snow changed our washing line pegs into big snowball shapes, I just had to take this photo!
 Look how deep the snow on our patio table is!
 Icicles! Piper has spent a lot of time saying how 'colossal' all the icicles on the street are, I feel a new favourite word coming on!
Even the playhouse looks on the verge of caving in under the weight of the snow! Makes everything look so beautiful though and I'm glad the snow has finally cleared from our velux windows because the scenery from our bedroom is just breath taking.