Friday, 10 April 2015

Family walks in the Peak District

A chilled kind of Friday, I managed to get caught up with my blogging this morning whilst Ruben played a new online card game called Hearthstone, he loves card games so it's perfect for him.

We had lunch (and managed to get Bailey up before lunchtime!) and then headed out to Curbar in the Peak District:

Lovely views but we could see the fog of pollution that is apparently at its worst today, really clearly! It was still pretty warm even on the top of the rocks.

Ruben braved his fear of heights and actually climbed which was great to see!

The girls didn't stop chatting the entire walk :) they look SO grown up!

We are looking forward to our holiday next week and celebrating our baby girls 13th Birthday!!!

We had some lovely chats whilst walking and discussed what we'll do next week. We are all looking forwards to a break. Piper has mentioned the possibility of doing some GCSE's and maybe thinking about studying fashion at college so that is something I need to look into. I've just signed the girls and Ruben up to 12 months of IXL on a really good HE discount and managed to find someone who can do the Arts Awards for Cordelia and possibly Piper, we'll see. All food for thought ahead....

Back home for tea, Bailey went out with his friend. The girls busy with putting up posters, writing articles for our website (must share it on the blog as Piper is writing regular daily articles). Ruben has chosen Howls Moving Castle for tonight's film :)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Friends, cake, failed MOT's and more Ponies!

After dropping the car of for its MOT this morning, hubby, Ruben and I walked to the post office and back home again awaiting news on the car.
Meanwhile Cordelia and Ruben got to work decorating the cupcakes with spring themed yellow icing and silver balls, love these arty shots Cordelia took on my camera:

News back from the garage meant a hefty £350 MOT :( not the best news but cheaper than last years £900....

Friends came over distracting me from the misery of MOT's, we had lunch in the garden and plenty of cups of tea whilst the children played Xbox, bounced on the trampoline, talked Cosplay costumes, comic cons and played with the dog and cats in the sunshine.

Then it was back out to the stables, feels like Cordelia's second home at the moment! She did some excellent jumping last night-the highest I've ever seen her jump. She could barely contain her smile to her face it was so huge, she loves jumping and on her favourite horse too!

Chips on the way home as too busy to have a chance to plan a tea tonight and thanks to the car wasn't really in the mood. Children all in a lovely mood as we chatted over tea, still chocolate eggs for dessert, there's still so many left! Hubby, Ruben and I settled to watch Kiki's delivery Service, an anime for 1989 which was incredibly sweet and beautifully drawn.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

When its just the parents....

Wednesday morning was a whirl of people getting ready to go off to do different things, Piper was going to meet a friend in town, she hadn't seen er friend for a while after a fallout so it was nice to see them getting on again. Cordelia had a Pony Club Dressage Test so Hubby drove in a big loop to drop Piper off, then Cordelia, the girls slowly emptying his wallet as he did so....
I meanwhile chatted to Ruben about all sorts of things whilst making lasagne for tea. Hubby collected me and we left Bailey and Ruben still playing transformers whilst we had a coffee in the Botanical Gardens. I have such happy memories here. Hubby and I used to sit here for hours when we were first going out, it was one of the first places we brought Bailey when he was a newborn, we used to bring him as a toddler when he'd share his chocolate buttons with the squirrels! I have so many photos of the children at different ages in this park.
It was lovely to just sit and talk without any interruptions....


It was only 60 minutes but gosh I enjoyed it. We went to pick up Piper, who'd had a lovely time and managed to pick Cordelia's birthday present up. Then to collect Cordelia who had passed her dressage test!!! She found it quite hard work but its all good experience and she so loves being at the stables.

The boys had had a nice afternoon playing together :) tea already prepared so I made some cupcakes for friends visits tomorrow. Ruben, hubby and I settled on the sofa to watch Ponyo, a really lovely film. We love the detail and attention in the Japanese films, the characters are so lovely and the drawings are wonderful.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Wharncliffe Woods

More sunshine this morning! We collected our niece as has become our usual Tuesday routine and headed up to Wharncliffe Woods, we used to live close by to these woods and did lots of long walks in them a few years ago. I miss living near them, I love a walk in the woods, its always so quiet, even though it was lovely and warm and the school holidays we only passed a handful of people.
Piper and Ruben had a crazy game involving an empty water bottle as a camera, they pretended to be filming a nature documentary. It was a very loud game so probably best we were in the middle of nowhere with no one around! I love that they can still play imagination games even at 11 and 14.

They all help out with baby Bella, who was in a rather grumpy mood and only wanted to walk in the opposite direction to the one we were walking. They find her tiny stubbornness rather funny, kind of like a mini dictator! She eventually had a nap in the pram and we had a quiet walk.

Ruben had a bit of a sulk when he decided to walk through a huge muddy puddle in his trainers, needless to say he was caked in mud. Maybe I should have dug the wellies out? Thankfully we had taken him shopping for new trainers this morning, his feet having grown to a size 5! He's only two sizes below me now.

Since we had been clothes shopping in the morning for the girls, shoe shopping for Ruben and a hot walk in the woods we were all a bit tired so headed to McDonalds for an ice cream.
Back home for Minecraft, art and a Japanese film. We are enjoying our after tea films this week!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Transformers, Sunshine and Jarvis Cocker

Beautiful sunshine kicking our week off this morning. Everything feels better in the sunshine, even cleaning! For the first time this year I got to hang my washing outside on the line, its sad but things like that make me feel quite happy. I always find hanging washing out to be rather relaxing, even when the children were really small I'd find a kind of delight in hanging all their teeny clothes out on the washing line, its not quite as sweet now when I'm wrestling pj legs inside out-why only ever one leg?!-and finding socks stuck in the bottom of jeans legs but still...
We popped out to the shops to get some food and run some errands when I spotted this on the side of a building in Sheffield-I've never noticed it before. Jarvis Cocker is one of our most famous residents-although he lives in London now.
When your dad buys and sells toys for a living there is always plenty of your childhood toys to play with. Or at least this is what Bailey found this week when one of his childhood favourites, Transformers, came back into the house! Ruben and Bailey decided to help hubby sort through all of them, they must be nearly a 100, they actually had great fun working together.

All part of the family business! There was lots of playing in the garden, bouncing on the trampoline and Ruben even painted a photo frame for Hubby who bought some more art at the con on Saturday.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

An easy-going lazy Easter Sunday here. I got up early, before 7!, to take Cordelia for her lift to the stables. Hubby and Piper had already left for the car boots. Spring is definitely here!

Ruben played Minecraft on the xbox whilst we discussed the differences between the game on different platforms. He's enjoying it more on the xbox at the moment, since my cousins came over on Friday he has been skyping the youngest one whilst playing on Minecraft. They are exactly the same age with Jess being only 12 days older than Ruben and are both the youngest of foursome have a lot in common. It's lovely to see them getting on so well.

It's strange not to be doing Easter egg hunts and the like but I suppose they are growing up. I did make them individual Easter baskets this year, I don't normally buy eggs as they get quite a few from family so there's not usually a need to be honest. I thought they wouldn't get many this year but they actually ended up with more! 

I still felt rough today, thanks to my migraine hangover so wasn't up to much. Hubby, Ruben and I took the dog for a little walk and the fresh air was nice. 

We watched another Japanese Animae cartoon from the film four Studio Ghilibi season, today it was Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. A really interesting film. Ruben said he preferred yesterday's film.

We had half an hour in the sunshine in the garden, us sitting whilst Ruben had his first bounce of the year on the trampoline. Think he burnt off a bit of his chocolate stash!

We didn't see much of Bailey, since he completed his first PC build on Thursday we haven't seen him! He's done a brilliant job.

Cordelia had a great day at the stables and came home tired, muddy and happy as usual. She also had another two Easter eggs!

This evening Piper, hubby and I are watching the Louis Theroux program on Transgenger children in the US. 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Yorkshire Cosplay Con-The Magnificent 7

We have been looking forward to the Yorkshire Cosplay Con at Magna for quite a while. We'd spent quite a bit of time getting our costumes and props ready, hubby in particular had spent hours helping Cordelia with her Ben Drowned costume, sword & shield. I managed to burn my hand on the curling wand-perils of a cosplayer!

Here we are all ready to go:

Piper in Lolita, me as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, hubby as The Joker from the Dark Knight, Ruben as Shredder from TMNT and Cordelia as Ben Drowned (aka Link from Zelda).

We had bought our tickets in advance so we were a bit miffed to have to wait in the queue! It took over an hour to actually get in, lots of good costumes to see though. Inside was bedlam though, very badly organised especially in comparison to Majikkon last month. It was so busy it was hard to move round well! After about 15 minutes Piper had a panic attack, the crowds were just so busy, the lights too dark and the music too loud. I was kind of expecting it and was impressed that any of them managed in those conditions. I took Piper and Ruben out and we ended up in McDonald's drive through. Hubby stayed with Cordelia as they don't mind the hustle and bustle of the crowd. We picked them back up after an hour. I don't think I'd go again to that one, it was far too busy. Just as I pulled up on the drive I had a migraine attack so I was pretty relieved to be able to just go to bed with some painkillers.

After a few hours sleep I woke up migraine free but feeling terrible. We planned to get the children's Easter eggs out early as everyone is out in the morning, so we did that and settled down to watch My Neighbour Totorro. Film 4 are showing two weeks of Japanese Animae films and so we are slowly going to work our way through them!